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  Flight time Altitude Home Dist Type Notification
A00m 00s0.0 m0 mModeMode changed to P-GPS
B00m 02s-0.2 m0 mModeMode changed to Assisted_Takeoff
C00m 04s-0.5 m0 mModeMode changed to P-GPS
 01m 43s83.7 m161 m
90% Battery
D02m 44s107.1 m1,000 mWarningHome Too Far: 1 ft
E02m 47s107.2 m1,049 mData LossDownlink data connection lost for 1.02 seconds
F03m 14s119.3 m1,415 mWarningNFZ Max Altitude
 03m 34s120.5 m1,669 m
80% Battery
 05m 16s121.0 m3,210 m
70% Battery
 05m 23s121.0 m3,237 m
70% Battery at maximum distance
G06m 23s120.8 m2,652 mModeMode changed to Go_Home
H06m 23s120.8 m2,652 mWarningReturn-to-Home Active
I07m 04s121.0 m2,316 mData LossDownlink data connection lost for 1.77 seconds
J07m 05s121.0 m2,303 mData LossDownlink data connection lost for 1.35 seconds
K07m 07s120.9 m2,276 mData LossDownlink data connection lost for 1.06 seconds


Downlink data connection lost ( Data Loss ) means that the remote got partial or no flight data from the aircraft for more than 1 second, which means the data downlink had issues.

It is possible that during this time there is a sense of full control of the aircraft via the remote as well as clear video, however typically the video gets choppy and the remote controls may have some delay.

This is typically an indication that the aircraft was flying in a high interference area or that distance was a negative factor. In these conditions the aircraft is at higher risk of initiating the Return-To-Home function.







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